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Ayurvedic Doctor in India

Ayurveda is a process of treatment that is totally dependent on nature. Natural forces such as sunlight, air, water, and earth are used as curing agents while plants as medicines. In Ayurveda-doctor-India we use these forces of nature to make our curative processes simple, easy to follow affordable. Ayurveda had its beginnings in ancient India, with hermits practicing this form of treatment. We are maintaining the same tradition through a team of best Ayurvedic doctor in India.

Unlike modern medical science Ayurveda has a broader spectrum of application. It not only deals in curing illnesses but also aims at improving day to day life of people. We view Ayurveda more as a philosophy than just a medicinal process. It is a way of life where you make optimum use of nature to remain healthy, happy, and inspired. Your thoughts must remain focused on positive activities and continually motivated. We at Ayurvedic-doctor-India firmly believe that a fulfilling life is a combination of healthy eating habits, regulated lifestyle, and positive thinking.

Growth of Ayurveda

Growth of Ayurveda has been phenomenal in recent years with this form of treatment gaining popularity even in developed countries of Europe and America. We are actively involved in this process of popularizing Ayurveda across countries and communities. The underlining reason for acceptance of this form of medicine is its simplicity and affordability. It does neither involve expensive methods nor costly drugs. Medicinal processes are based on meditation, food habits, and physical exercises.

Treatment methods at Ayurvedic-doctor-India are based on the three principles of physiology, biology, and physio-pathology. These three aspects control your mind, body and consciousness. The best Ayurvedic doctor in India has a thorough knowledge about these aspects. Mind, body, and consciousness singularly or in unison contribute to your preventive, productive, and destructive forces. In Ayurveda, these bodily forces are impaired by vatha, pitha, and kapha. Ayurvedic processes are implemented to reduce imbalance among these three ‘doshas’.

Our Branches of Treatment

For better focus we have categorized our treatment procedure into different branches, with each branch addressing a different set of diseases or ailments. Generally there are eight divisions of our treatment. ‘Kayachikitsa’ or General Medicine is used in catering to problems related with cardiovascular system, rheumatism, respiratory disorders, renal disease, and skin ailments. ‘Salyachikitsa’ involves removal of unwanted materials from human body. This includes pus removal, incision, scraping, excision, blood letting, leeching, and blood letting. Under ‘salakya’ our doctors treat patients suffering from illnesses of ear, nose, throat, and eyes.

Many diseases are caused by the presence of toxic substances in your body. Our ‘Agadatantra’ is focused on relieving human body of these toxins. In our toxicology procedures we treat patients affected by poisonous substances. Children are particularly vulnerable to diseases and weakness. Our ‘Kaumarabhritya’ or ‘balachikitsa’ is aimed at treating sick children. ‘Prasoothithanthra’ is a branch of pediatrics that deals with delivery of babies and related gynecological ailments. Best Ayurvedic doctor in India deployed by us are equipped to treat all diseases with care and sincerity.