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1. What is Ayurveda?

Rewind to circa 1500 bc; the hermits who resided in the rolling plains of the Indian subcontinent practiced an incredibly refined system of healing that elucidated illnesses and imbalances in the living body by the mere throb of the pulse and healed them with resources drawn from natures bounty. The system was compiled into scriptures by master healers like charaka, sushruta and vagbhata to just name a few. They codified the healing art into a science that revealed the secrets of existence from its inception to being.

The scriptures which are dated by scientists and scholars as over 3000 yrs old, explains our body, right from the elements that make it and the driving force or energy behind life to the factors that keep it functioning optimally and those that affect it negatively. Health is explained in elaborate detail, mentioning steps to follow to keep the body functioning at its best during the year through changing climates, natural challenges and across different landscapes. Diseases are expained from such minute details as to what initiated the disease process at the deepest cellular levels, to the symptoms, aggravating and alleviating factors and ways to regain normalcy. Diseases are graded according to its stage and cures are mentioned to guide the body in its healing effort to get back it’s optimal health.

Ayurveda is the most complete healing science ever devised by man and is also accepted as the oldest system of medicine in practice.

Sushrutha who is considered the father of surgery has described in his scripture sushrutha samhitha in detail the procedures and surgical instruments that were used by ayurvedic physicians in conducting organ transplants on war hurt soldiers in the 3rd century bc.

Charaka has explained the cellular make up of the body and of the different tissues and physiological systems [like nervous system, circulatory system] etc in his scripture charaka samhita over 2500 yrs years back.

And ayurveda believes ‘jagathyevam anoushadham’ that there is no particle in this nature that is not medicinal. Every single object in nature has abundant healing properties when used by a wise healer for the right condition in the right manner.

Even today ayurveda remains the first choice medicine for millions of people in India, Srilanka, Tibet and Bhutan.

2. Why should I opt for Ayurvedic treatment?

Your body is the most evolved life form on earth. It is encountering challenges every single second from viruses, bacteria etc that surround us everywhere and from other natural calamities. And the body is succeeding every time and that’s why we are still alive and healthy. Once ina blue moon, once in a million times when the body has just slipped and failed in its fight, the wisest move is to support and strengthen it to recover and overcome even that challenge.

Ayurveda taps into the body’s potential to heal. It strengthens and supports its healing responses and defense mechanisms and aid it to heal naturally. So the body is stronger and fit again for the challenges that lie ahead.

The possibilities for healing through ayurveda are infinite, because we are tapping into nature’s potential for healing. It’s the same potential that created us in the first place. And it’s the same potential that sustains this universe.

So irrespective of whether there is a solution elsewhere for your disease or not, ayurveda offers the best possible solution through equipping your body to heal itself naturally and safely.

3. I have heard that ayurveda takes long before it shows results. Is it true?

This is a very wrong notion. Ayurveda offers the fastest healing option available in majority of disease conditions. It cures diseases and relieves symptoms faster than conventional modern medicine in many cases. This is because; ayurveda directly triggers a systemic response in the body by activating its healing response and supporting the defense mechanisms.

Just make sure to approach the right ayurveda specialist for guidance for your particular condition.

4. Does Ayurvedic medicines cause any side effects?

Every substance irrespective of being natural or synthesized has one effect or the other in the body. Whether it’s a desired effect or an unwanted side effect depends on many factors.

Ayurvedic medicines are generally of herbal origin and are processed, purified and formulated with antidotes, wherever required, to ensure that there is no undesirable effect and to guarantee a positive healing response.

There are also metal and mineral preparations in ayurveda. When taken in their original form metals and minerals may have very undesirable side effects; especially the heavy metals which can cause nephrotoxicity and can even be fatal.

But in ayurveda, these items are processed or burnt through complex procedures into entirely different compounds before used in a formulation. And these new neutral compounds are free of undesirable effects.

Side effects are possible when taking metal, mineral preparations, if they havent been processed fully or if some portion remains unprocessed. So its very important to make sure you buy your medicine from a reputed vendor. Or to be on an even safer ground, avoid taking metal and mineral preparations if you are unsure of its quality.

5. Will ayurveda help me deal with diabetes?

90% of diabetes cases are type 2 diabetes. Almost 60% of these cases can be cured by ayurveda through herbal supplements and diet and life style modifications. The rest of the cases can be managed to achieve better blood sugar control and prevent associated conditions like diabetic, neuropathy, nephropathy and heart diseases.

6. I belong to a foreign country. Will it be very difficult for me to reach your centre?

Not at all. Please check out our “how to reach” page. Our centre is well-connected by road, and can be easily reached from the trivandrum international airport and railway station. If you need more information, you can always contact us by going to our “online enquiry” form. In case you find the data in our “how to reach” page insufficient you can get in touch with us over phone or internet in order to find out more details.

7. Is it necessary for me to make advance payments?

Not necessarily. Your booking may be recorded without advance payment, but the reservations are subject to availability. We make confirmed room reservations only on receiving the payment because we are a limited room facility. So, during busy sessions, you are requested to make advanced payments. In case you haven’t done that, please call us to find the reservation status of the room that you have booked, before you start for our centre. All advance payments will be returned in full, if booking is cancelled before 14 days of arrival to know about our refund policy if cancelled within 14 days, please check out the terms of booking.

8. How can I make the payment?

You can do that online using any direct money transfer service. You can also use online bank to bank transfer to send us the payment.

9. Are consultations free at your place?

Yes, they are.

10. What do I need to do when I visit your centre for the first time?

Just remember to provide your travel document copy and passport copy to the center for submitting to the concerned government authority, if you are a foreigner.

Rest be assured that everything will be taken care of and our friendly staff will be most happy to assist.