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Nature – An infinite treasure of beauties and joys.

Flowers and pebbles…
Sunlight and starlight…
Birdsong and butterflies… 
And you and me.

And behind the marvels and mysteries of nature,
beyond the mirage of molecules and the illusion of physicality,
remains the inherently invisible consciousness.

The consciousness that silently orchestrates, guides, governs and compels nature to express itself
with infinite creativity, abundance and exactitude.
Playing the celestial melody of the cosmos.

The spring that calls the buds to break and swallows to return,
the ebb and flow of earth’s seas,
the breathing of all beings living,
the rhythm of our hearts beats.
All play to the same melody.

Health and disease, happiness and misery,
are all variations on the same melody.
Just that disease and misery are wrong variations. 
Distortions of the theme.

When you tune in to the cosmic theme, 
when your biorhythm is in harmony with the biorhythm of nature, 
your being is in a state of dance.
A dance in tune to the celestial melody of the cosmos.

And when this happens, the inner energies and hidden potentials wake and work miracles for us, effortlessly, naturally.

Ayurveda is a 5000yrs old science that employ time tested techniques and strategies to create and maintain balance in the body and a biorhythm that’s in harmony with nature empowering us to harness the miraculous potentials within.

It’s a healing gift to humanity from the same enlightened ancient Indian civilization that developed mathematics, astrology, alchemy and yoga to just name a few.

Ayurveda reminds us that the wisdom within each and everyone of us is the wisdom of the cosmos. The very wisdom that creates life, the same wisdom that sustains being.

Ayurveda’s various approaches and treatments, at it’s root, are all aimed at harnessing this pure and invincible potential within us, to create healing and wellbeing.

And as one goes further deep into the practise of the science the abundant potentials within is harnessed, unfolding infinite possibilities to achieve healing, blissful being and longevity.