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Yoga and Ayurveda are part of an ancient tradition that preaches the means to tune in to yourself, to be in harmony with yourself and ultimately to be in sync with nature, which is inseparable from you.

Ayurveda yoga seeks union. Union of movement and breathing, union of mind and body, union of thought and action, union of desire and intent, union of different splintered aspects of our self and the union of ourselves with the whole. At a Kerala Ayurvedic centre you will get to learn the best yoga sequence suited for you under a Ayurveda yoga master. Practicing it on a regular basis can help you achieve harmony with yourself and be enveloped by a state of calm and peace amidst all the surrounding chaos. Ayurveda yoga has been formulated after several years of observation and experimentation by enlightened and omniscient gurus and saints, and also ordinary people like you and me. Each and every pose of yoga convey the objectivity, vigor and revelation of life itself. Each is an expression of harmony, inspiration and beauty.

There are several documented benefits for you, to practice yoga at a Kerala Ayurvedic centre. Doing so relieves stress, a major disturbing factor of our current busy lives. It works by reducing the physical effects of stress on the body of the practitioner and also by releasing the built up stress in the nervous system.

It has been found to reduce emotional pain. And several practitioners have also reported physical pain relief caused by diseases like cancer, auto-immune disorders, multiple sclerosis, arthritis etc.

Shallow breathing is something that we all do. With yoga, you get to breathe better. It trains you to breathe in – slow and deep, which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, thus, helping in the proper functioning of each and every cell in the body. Yoga makes you more flexible by improving your range of movements. It also improves your body alignment with posture-training. Having a flexible body with correct posture helps you keep injuries and pains at bay.

Apart from these, Ayurveda yoga gets you increased strength, ideal weight, better blood circulation, cardiovascular conditioning and, last but not the least, inner peace. Get in touch with a good Kerala Ayurvedic centre and begin your journey of self attunement today.